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Faces of Hope 03-18-2015

First group of volunteers staying in Highlands this year that I have been able to photograph. It was nice to get back to my adhoc studio on Bay Avenue, Highlands. I fell in some mud while loading the last bit of gear in my car. It made me laugh my pants got covered in mud just as I was getting in my car to leave. So much for appearances.

This week a wonderful group from Indiana were my subjects. They rented a fifteen passenger van and drove 15 hours to Highlands, NJ, it was the second trip for some. They were pretty tired by the time I got to photograph them laying floors, tile work, and dry wall were some of their activities for the day.

I choose to show their celestial leader. By all appearance it seemed like he had difficulty seeing. It goes to show you that we all have something to offer no matter what our age or condition. Sometimes it may just be an example that you a willing to try.

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