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EyeAm what I am

I was going through the archives today and came across some images from my EyeAm project which crazy at it sounds was 10 years ago. EyeAm was a series of classically styled portraits of Latino day workers in Freehold, New Jersey. At the time the town council was doing everything it could to prevent the very large Latino community from seeking work or even being in present in town (they passed a law that 3 or more could not gather in one place). My premise was that it is much harder to maintain predjudice to those we know as individual as it is a faceless group. I understood that essentially what I do is make people, things, services look good, and I could do the same for these men. There were so many amazing stories surrounding this project that today it is most easily described by me as life changing.
The spirit of the EyeAm made me what I am today. I recognize the importance of my visual voice and the responsibility that comes with that. It hasn’t always proven to be the most financially rewarding pursuits short term, I have faith in the long run the books get balanced by a different sort of accountant. Its what I must do as there is no escaping who I am.

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