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How to Be a Model

From my latest Faces of Hope photography shoot.

Its not easy getting photographed and being in front of the camera is it? I used to be model when I younger, it was hard work which may be why I wasn’t very good at it. Most people think its glamourous but it really isn’t.

I agree mostly. There are lots of different kinds of models. There is the kind that serves as the subject of artist and photographers. There is also the model that is the standard for comparison and imitation. Now when younger she may have not been so succesful at one type but now I think she succeeded at another. A happy cheerful person who is dedicating time to help and bring hope to those in need would be something I would say is worthy of imitation. She is not doing a terrible job at the other either.

So if your a model or you want to be like one, get involved volunteer and you can look like a Face of Hope too.

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