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Reflections: Two Years Latter

Hard to believe it has been two years since Hurricane Sandy. Shortly after the storm I remember saying a few things to concerned friends. “There is no going backwards we will all need to adjust ourselves to the new normal. Do not forget about us the recovery will be a long process and we will still need help in three or four years long after the dramatic pictures are gone from the media. Those of us who are the most vulnerable are likely to be those that still need the most help.” All of these things I found to be true.

Mixed with this was a tremendous outpouring or help, much of which never makes it to the media or becomes some internet viral thought. With limited means I tried to show some of the good being done. I spent four days photographing electrical workers who traveled from all over North America many of whom slept in their trucks, ate from cans and worked long hours in dangerous conditions. They did remarkable things in a short time. I have now done 19 shoots for my Faces of Hope project. In doing so I have met people from all walks of life who see themselves as part of a larger fellowship of humanity, compelled by this responsibility they choose to help those who are in need. It has been humbling to witness the abundance of good that has been graced upon us. If I am in some way a part of that then I have something I can be truly grateful for..

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    Paul, I can tell you first hand that your work has made a difference. Your photo shoots bring joy to the hundreds of volunteers you have worked with. Your images have moved people to volunteer and to donate. You go beyond your call to lend a hand whenever one is needed and come up with solutions to problems that help us all. And for me personally, you have blessed me with your friendship. You have much to proud of in your work to help in the recovery efforts. Thank you for your work and spirit.

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