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I hate it…..

Subject: I hate it when I get my picture taken.
Photographer: No problem because I am taking your picture your not.
Subject: I never like the way I look.
Photographer: Why you look great?
Photographer: You have great cheek bones!
Subject: Yeah they’re really big.
Photographer: Big and beautiful people pay to have those.

I really do believe that everyone I photograph is beautiful. One of the most important things I can do is share this vision with those who are willing to get in front of my camera. Ultimately I can’t make anyone like themselves, like most I have difficulty with that myself. Sometimes most I can do is put a dent in that armor.

YAFOHP (Yet Another Faces Of Hope Portrait): A great group from Ohio. Anyone who makes the trip to Highlands NJ to repair storm damaged homes is beautiful in my book. Thanks to all the volunteers who make a difference.

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