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Teach Your Parents Well

A little bit of trivia for you today. Did you know that before Super Storm Sandy that NJ didn’t allow volunteers under 18 years of age to work in any kind of construction, this included even clean up operation on construction site. Various nonprofit organization asked for this to be changed and the law makers agreed.

Thanks to that change this week I was lucky enough to photograph a group of high school aged volunteers from the Columbus Ohio area for my Faces of Hope project. These young men and women are showing us how to get it done. They were a bit shy at first but once they started going they were tremendous fun to be around when in front of the camera. I really enjoyed the singing while I was packing up it made it that much easier.

Thanks for teaching us adults that you are more then capable and more then willing to help those who need it most, all we had to do was make room for you to do it.

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