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Dark Sky

Is it true that every cloud has a silver lining? In my case my planned bike tour got canceled due to an injury to my back. So I took the more conventional transport to visit Virginia Beach my Subaru. This allowed me to spend time at Assateague National Park which is known for its wild ponies, note none appear in my photographs. It is also the area on the east coast that has the lowest light pollution. If like me you live in a metropolitan area chances are you never see our universe because there is so much ambient light that it creates a level of noise or light pollution that blocks out our ability to see the stars. This park is one of the darkest places you can be and still be on the shore in the United States. Weird trivia I know being a photographer.

It occurred to me that I loose that sense of awe one gets while looking up to the stars and I don’t even know it. I never thought this might even be important. Once I was able do it though I realized it made me feel both humbled by and connected to the universe. Incredibly simple action with a profound outcome.

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