© 2013 admin Portrait of lineman during Super Storm Sandy.

Ask me a year from now (a year later)

If you talk with me personally one of the things I tend to say is ask me a year from now about it. Usually the things I see as important rarely are. Somethings change me forever but its really my reaction to them that marks me. It is now a year since the disaster of Super Storm Sandy. How did I react? How did it mark me?

I can say the day after the storm I set out to photograph the damages like so many have. I never made it past my neighbors driveway as he was struggling to clear a tree that had fallen blocking his path. My neighbor needed help I could provide it, so I put my camera down and helped him. I got my chainsaw, made some more hot coffee and got to work.

I never took pictures of the damage of the storm. It was a choice I made. A year later I could question that as I see huge shows that focus on the dramatic wreckage. I choose however to photograph faces of those cleaning up the wreckage, workers and volunteers. They remain the real story for me, they are important.

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