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“It” is I

If I hold on to it, acquire it, think about it, spend money and time on it then “it” must be important to me. If “it” is not present in my life then I have actively made choices for that to be so. I may say oh I want “it” but life circumstances are preventing me, but I just need to look around me to know I have some other “it” instead. Maybe that makes me unhappy that I don’t have “it”. Perhaps I got “it” and found it wasn’t what I thought. I can have a lot of confusion about what “it” is.

The problem is I don’t know what “it” is, or understand that I already have “it”. I am “it” and I cannot add or subtract anything to me so all my trying fails. My “it” is just the way it is created to be and that needs nothing.

I can futilely try to add or subtract to the sublime beauty of a sunrise or I can just enjoy “it”.

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