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A Fool’s Venture

It is a fool’s venture, looking to the past to predict the future’s outcome. I am not immune to this particular sickness. Through luck it works enough to make me believe that I have some sort of say in the process. It is hard to put away all that history I have in my head. List upon lists of happy outcomes or cautionary tales that I use to try to get what I want. This will be the same, this time it will be different. I am happy I want to stay here, I am uncomfortable I need to move away. It is a mental trap.

What if I had no history filter? There would be no fears to prevent me from doing. I would not chase after a happy experience to try to recapture it. I could get hurt, like the child who touches the hot stove. It is equally true that I may have the best day ever. Lesson for me then is to just be where I am as I am, the good the bad are just thoughts in my head.

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