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Joining Reality

Old habits die hard. I can say that new ones can be equally difficult to rid from one self. Day one of not using FaceBook my experience so far has been mostly positive. I have made a point of not commenting on anyone’s postings. I found myself wanting to comment but I didn’t. Not a bad start.

With one day behind me I am begun to think about FaceBook. I use the word “think” because for me I am not sure FaceBook is all that it appears to me. Yes I am connected but really not in a fulfilling way. My participation is kind of like eating cheap chocolate candies, not very satisfying. Actually it’s like eating cheap chocolate while looking through your window, which by the way you left open on purpose. Mine was left open as well. I am not sure when I volunteered to be in a reality show but that is what I have done. The difference being of course reality stars get paid, I must pay FaceBook by giving up my privacy and allow it to be for sale to whomever.

So if I really want good chocolate, and who doesn’t, then I need to go someplace that has it. Luckily for me I have a place to go. Which is a good start. So I expect a bit more time will be spent meeting people in the real world then the virtual one. I will be going retro. Paul Guba now available in reality. Hope to see you soon.

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