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Saying Good Bye

I have come to realize within myself that my values are old fashioned. Lately I have been considering how these values fit within my daily actions, career, and relationships that I have. I won’t go into detail of what my values are, in the simplest terms a value is something I appreciate, hold dear, and care for. Knowing I have values it is important for my actions to reflect them.

For sometime I have know one of the things that I hold dear to my heart is my relationships with my family and friends. I really don’t think I am to unique in that regard. It would be hard for me to put a price on these relationships. What are relationships worth to you? What would you be willing to give away to maintain them? If each time you spoke with a friend you had to put on a sandwich board advertising some product or service would you do it?

I know my answer. No. That is why based on the recent changes FaceBook has made to their Terms of Service and my privacy as a user I will at most participate on a very limited basis there. I believe no one owns my private information or things that I create. I do not believe my comments and conversations with you my friends and family should be for sale. Simply put I do not believe the compensation of the FaceBook service is worth giving up these things.

As of yesterday I have removed all my images that are hosted by FaceBook. I will begin the long process of removing items from my timeline. I will delete all chat records as all of these and the information contained in them are now for sale. I respect myself and those whom I choose to have a relationship with to much to allow them to be used to sell want.

More will be revealed.

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