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Rain, Snow, & Birthdays

As March approached and the weather was getting warmer I had arranged for my auto insurance to be terminated. This would mean I could not drive my car and I would be forced to ride my bike everywhere I would travel. I would rely on mass transit, the occasional taxi and lifts from friends and family. I decided this all would happen on my birthday march 19th,. This would be the official beginning of my training.

I began my birthday by getting up early so I could make the ride to Little Silver train station. Little Silver was not my usual station but the route there was almost entirely flat and so a bit easier starting out. There was a little drizzle when I got out of the door. I was hopeful it would stop. I got about one mile into my route and it began to pour, huge puddles were forming on the road making it difficult to navigate. The puddles hid massive spring potholes and I soon found myself with a flat rear wheel. I limped into a near by church that had a large over hang and I could get out of the weather. This was just about the time the rain had turned to sleet and snow. I changed out the rear tube but because of the weather conditions I did a lousy job of it and flatted again about a mile from the train station. I rode the last mile on a flat tire. I arrived at the train station completely soaked, humiliated and on the verge of hyperthermia.

You need to be a certain kind of crazy to get onto a commuter train filled with businessmen and women when you are soaking wet dressed in bike clothes. This you can be sure of, when you do, you will have a seat all by yourself. I couldn’t image a worse way to start and that is what made it so good. My worse case scenario came true yet I got through it and made my train. It could only get better from here. The good thing about your fears coming true is that they can’t scare you anymore.

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