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Boston to NYC Aids Ride

I had made the commitment to ride the Boston to NYC Aids ride and because of that some decisions needed to be made. First off I knew I would have to train leading up to the ride. I wanted to be able to make the ride comfortably and that meant spending a considerable amount of time on my bike. This provided a particular challenge for me. At the time I was working as a photographer entirely in NYC while living in NJ. A great deal of my time was being consumed by my daily commute to and from NYC. This amounted to almost 4 hours of daily travel time. I was working hard to establish my business, which would lead to long days I would arrive in NYC typically at 7:30 AM, and catch a train home at 6 or 7PM on most days. This left little time for training.

I came up with a simple solution. I would ride my bike to and from the train station in Middletown NJ. To drive to the station would take me 20 minutes and on my bike it would be about 40 minutes. I would pack clothes to change into once I arrived in NYC. This would only add 40 minutes to my day and allow me to ride 25 mile per day.

That was the easy part. What I quickly realized was that I spending quite a bit of money on bike parts, clothing and accessories. I wasn’t making much money. If I wanted to continue something would need to go. Well the obvious thing would be my car. With cash for gas, insurance eliminated I would have more than enough to cover expenses. Living without a car is a hip idea now but in 1998 in the New Jersey suburbs not so much. The majority of people in my life were sure I was insane at this point. There were those few that did support me even if they couldn’t understand my reasoning. It has been my experience that living your truth will show you who the people are in your life that accept you without condition. Hold these people close, and they will provide shelter when the storms of opposition come and fortify your foundation in moments of self-doubt.

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