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Never Give Up

I don’t typically do long postings here and I don’t think I am going to start now. This is a personal space for me; I have several other sites I maintain to promote my photography business some of the photos you see here appear on those sites as well. I have decided to do something a bit different here today at least temporarily. Maybe its because I have not been feeling all that great recently about my circumstances. I have been here before I am uncomfortable and I don’t like it. Maybe it is because I pulled out an old t-shirt I was given years ago that reminded me of a time I was in a similar space. Perhaps its just time for me to write this story down something that was suggested to me a long time ago. In any case I hope you take some time to read my ramblings and get to know me a bit better.

Like most good stories it’s a personal journey and in this case it was from Boston to NYC. Oddly though the actual trip from Boston to NYC was more of the destination then the journey. The actual journey began in January of 1998 when I made the decision to ride The Boston to NYC AIDS Ride. If you were to ask me why I filled out the form and mailed it in I would not be able to provide you with any reason. The physical distance of 300 miles in 3 days intrigued and challenged me though honestly that was not enough. I was untouched by the disease of AIDS no friends or family were affected by it. I believe today that I was just supposed to do it and so was guided to do so. I took that first step and what was to follow turned out to be an amazing series of events.

So sometime in mid February a brown envelope arrived from the ride organizers. I eagerly opened it up. Inside were some papers introducing me to my ride contact. He would provide me with support and answer all my questions. There was a letter informing me that I would need to raise $3500 that scared me to death. How would I ever do that? Then there was this really cool t-shirt on the one side there was this great graphic and on the other was the theme for that years ride “Never Give Up”. It would be something I would need to say to myself over and over again leading up to the day of the event. It was good advice for me then and still is today don’t quit before the miracle happens because in my experience they do happen.

more to follow…..

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