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Is The Tide Going In or Out?

A facebook friend posted “the tide has turned” which got me thinking. I live by the water and know the tide is always turning. So which way is my way? Why not both ways? Fact is I could not like the way the tide is going at a particular moment and struggle against it. As someone who almost drowned in a rip current as a young man I don’t recommend this as a strategy for you to pursue. Maybe a better strategy for me is to go with the current and see where it takes me. As I learned years ago I can swim across the current and get to where I want to be. I my case as a young man I able to swim to the tip of a jetty. I was battered against the rocks but it sure beat drowning. So where is my struggle today? If I let go of it can I trust I might be taken someplace else? Someplace better? It wasn’t until I stopped my struggle against the rip tide that I was able to see another option. There is no right or wrong way for me to go, it is my thinking that makes it so.

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