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A Crooked Way

In nature it is a rare site to see something that is a straight line. As I see it the straight and narrow is surely a man made concept and has little application in reality. So if a straight path does not exist in nature why would I think I could travel on one? Do I think I will stick to my diet, do chores, exercise regularly, take photos, and write in this blog in an absolute way? I have plenty of experience telling me I won’t do it that way. It would be much easier for me to accept that my path will meander and wander rather than to try to straighten it. I may not even end up where I originally wanted to be and that can be a good thing. This tree isn’t thinking how to reach for light yet it does so in its own beautiful way. How boring my world would be if all trees took the shortest path and were absolutely straight. Even the sun light bends in its travels to warm my face.

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