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Taking what is given

Yesterday was not an untypical day for me though I did some things that I don’t normally do. One of those things that wasn’t typical was I planned to go fishing with my father a lifelong fly fisherman who is well into his 80’s. When I woke that morning it was very dark and looked as if it was going to pour. I continued with my plans to go fishing thinking worst could happen is we get rained out. I also packed my camera (very typical). I was surprised and grateful to see bright blue skies once we arrived. I wasn’t so surprised to be reminded I am a pretty poor fly fisherman. To my own defense I don’t really do it that much as it is not really a great passion. Getting frustrated with my lack of success I decided to move on to plan B. I had my camera. It was a beautiful day and I was in a beautiful place the Black River Club in NJ. So rather then continue being frustrated I decided to do something else. Once I did that my attitude changed and I was much happier. It was a bad day for fishing for me, but a good day for making photographs.

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