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Roadside Attractions

On my way to photograph some jewelry for a client I was driving by what I consider an icon of the New Jersey coastline. The morning light was just beautiful and I had to stop and take a few photos. It is of course a windmill but it is also the Windmill. I am guessing its the original Windmill restaurant located on Ocean Avenue, Long Branch, NJ. Famous for its hot dogs and fries though none were cooking at 9 AM.

While I was circling the location and happily making photographs I hear a voice from across the street. “Hey Boss do you want to go inside and take some shots” the voice said. Not sure how I became the Boss but that how I was referred to by the manager and the staff as they prepared for the days lunch rush. I of course said yes I would like to do that and thanked them. There is a second floor deck with a great view of the NJ shore.

Now I don’t eat many hot dogs but my friends who do say this is the place to go. How could you not eat a hot dog in a place shaped like a stylized windmill. What could be more New Jersey then that.

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