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My Greatest Folly

If I am to be completely honest with myself I believe my greatest folly is the underlying belief that somehow there will be more time or that I can visit this moment we have together again. I can do that latter. The do “latter” for me is usually expressing the love and appreciation I have for the people in my life today. If only I was so reluctant to express outrage or hurt. Do I shout out my window while driving you made that turn beautifully thanks for being so considerate? No. What is the hand gesture for love we all use?

It is only when I am forced to see that our time here is limited that there are no do overs that I feel compelled to share myself. The fear of loss makes me honest. I wonder how different my life would be if I were to change this. How would my family and friends react? Would they do the same? Maybe they would then do the same with their family and friends. Could it be that simple?

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