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Winter Madness

As walked one of my favorite haunts in NJ camera in hand, fingers numb, trudging through noisy snow, it occurred to me that I must be insane. What kind of person does this? I looked around and saw no one else, probably not a good sign.   I’m alone in the woods.
Then I thought what fools they are sitting in their warm kitchens sipping tea. Can’t they see? Are they asleep or hibernating like some bear? Subtle colors, hints of yellow and green in the gray sky. Raspberry thorn bushes brake the snow white blanket. So starved for color I see it all and then grow anxious. What about spring? Surely I will be driven mad with its burst of color. My mind will be overwhelmed by color.  I could go blind in April.  I steady my thoughts “thankfully Spring comes slow”.  There’s March to save me neither spring nor winter.   I won’t try to rush it.   Obviously it is like this for a reason.

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