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Brother Chris Visit New Jersey

My brother Chris came and visited New Jersey last weekend from Mass. Now Chris is probably what you would call a super geek. You know those geeks in the corporate office that you call for help. Well the guys they call for help call Chris. He works for IBM of course and travels around the east coast helping geeky computer guys and girls. If you can imaging a gee wow presentation for cool nerdy stuff then he is your man. Actual kidding aside he talks about things sometime that are way over my head but I think it is really cool because I know it all started with a Apple 512k computer.

Even a super geek needs help so when he asked about cameras and photography I quickly pulled out my newest camera an Olympus E-P1.  As I talked about manual controls and collapsing lens design his began to get that look that I am sure he sees all the time.  He was patient as I went on about photography.

I took this picture when I was telling him how quiet the camera was and then proceeded to demonstrate.  I would never plan a shot like this but I liked it for some reason.  Still not sure why.

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